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Founded in 1969, during the popular era of “rack and panel” connectors, Electroweave’s initial charter was to offer its customers the finest, most reliable interconnecting woven cable available in the industry.

Commercial Applications

Our production equipment may be programmed to automatically break out individual conductors or groups of conductors in a staggered or ganged manner, resulting in a flat ver¬sion of a conventional hand-laced cable harness. The results are reduced customer labor expenditures and lower installation costs. Other woven cables facilitate rapid cable end prep¬aration, again reducing customer labor expenditures.


Military Applications

Our products are being used in many military programs including: the Navy Secure Voice System (SVS); the Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missile (AMRAAM); the Maverick and Hell¬fire Missiles; the AN/APG-66 radar system on the F-16 fighter; computers on the PATRIOT and TRIDENT programs, and on the Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS).


  • Any custom cable
  • Insulation’s include: FEP Teflon, PFA Teflon, Tefzel, PVC, Irradiated Products, PTFE Teflon
  • Multiconductor cables, Shielded Cables, Single wire, Twisted Pairs, Twisted Triads


  • Better Electrical Properties
  • More Flexibility
  • Faster Termination
  • Less Material Scrap
  • Easier to test and repair


425 Shrewsbury Street
Worcester, MA 01604
United States

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Electroweave Is NQA Certified For ISO 9001 : 2008


Utilizing Custom Insulation Systems

Electroweave specializes in the manufacture of woven cables utilizing custom insulation systems. 

Flexible Flat Profiles & Controlled Geometric Design

Precisely engineered, woven cable offers increased flex life as binding threads slide over cable components. 

Rapid End Preparation

Built in strain relief, minimum cross sections, excellent heat dissipation, and multiple termination options.